Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sweet October: Will 26 be the lucky number?

I'm back! Sorry for the long absence.

Life has spun in several directions for us lately. August and September brought many trials our way.
  1. Our sweet dog died. 
  2. DH got a HUGE pay cut from his job. (I'm currently looking for a better paying job to help pay our bills).  Apparently, Stress is our new roommate.
  3. My pap smear and colposcopy were abnormal, so I had to have LEEP surgery, which was painful and postponed treatments.
  4. More pregnancy announcements from close friends that weren't TTC, one could have even been on the show 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant'... (cue eyes rolling)...
  5. I turn 30 and I'm not happy about it.  Don't necessarily feel my best.  We don't have the money right now to do anything extravagant, so it ended up being a low-key dinner with friends. Memorable, but not what I was hoping for my 30th birthday.
Overall, September wasn't the best month.

We're hoping Sweet October will make us forget about all the terrible things that have happened this year.

Well, we're here, cycle #26.

We've come to the point in this journey where we feel one step closer to having a baby.  On October 10th, I started my Gonal-F injections.  A few months ago, I was terrified of giving myself shots, but this time, I couldn't get my hands on some GF fast enough!

I celebrated when AF arrived, in her predictable and timely fashion. I watched the online videos and followed along as I jabbed my abdomen in a dart like fashion with that needle, injected the medication and held the needle there for 5 seconds, as instructed. It wasn't bad at all!

I will give myself the last shot tomorrow night and then will go in for blood work on Friday morning. From there, I'll be advised on when to give myself the Ovidrel shot (to induce ovulation), and then we'll be scheduled for our very first IUI!  I'm guessing it will be sometime next Tuesday or Wednesday.

We're grateful that we're finally here. Finally on the fertility-treatment-road. After 25 cycles of heartbreak and sadness, we're praying that this one is the one. That at the end of Sweet October, we'll finally see our very first BFP.



  1. I am SO sorry about your pup. I lost a cat two years ago and I still think about him My heart goes out to you!

    Best of luck to you this cycle!
    (Here from ICLW)

  2. I've been having some similar stresses, so I definitely sympathize. DH and I have been living our lives in crisis mode for the past 3 months. I hope it gets better for needs to get better for someone!!

  3. Gah!!!
    I simply don't understand how the universe can repeatedly kick good honest people when you're already down for the count.

    I sometimes feel like I have this repetitive dream where I am kneeling on the ground with my fists violently thrashing about whilst screaming at the universe to cut the shit...
    only to come to my senses and realize that Im not even dreaming-I'm actually in the midst of kneeling on the ground whilst flailing about with my fists and screaming up at the nothingness begging for it to stop with this nonsense.
    This journey is so incredibly hard. Its nice to have some company along the way. KMFX that this IUI cycle finally puts you in the 36 week wait you deserve!