Friday, April 22, 2011

Welcome to ICLW!

If you are stopping by for the first time via ICLW, welcome!  I'm trying my best to be better about posting on here, but don't seem to have much time in the past few weeks.

You can check out our TTC Timeline in the 2nd tab above.

Here are our current stats:
Married 4 years, 4 months. Trying to have a baby for almost two years (20 cycles to be exact).  I have fairly regular cycles and DH has okay swimmers.  I would say he got an 'A' on his recent SA.  Morphology is not the greatest, but also not of much concern to our RE.

We visited a fertility clinic in the South (of the USofA), where we are from, last year.  I wasn't very impressed with the care I received and therefore didn't want to pursue treatments with this particular clinic.  We moved to New England (MA) late last year (woohoo, we love it!), and we were very excited about more options for IF care.  In January 2011 we met with an amazing RE.  He scheduled a Saline Infused Sonography, and found scar tissue on the right side of my uterus.  I was very excited to finally have a possible explanation for our unexplained infertility.  Scar tissue could be the cause of our problems in trying to make a baby, as it prevents implantation.

So here we are, playing the waiting game once again.  I'm scheduled for my Hysteroscopy in a few weeks, and hopefully we'll be one step closer to creating life.

Happy ICLW my fellow IF bleeps!  I'm so glad to have you all as cheerleaders and race-to-baby buddies.


  1. stopping by from iclw...hope they hysteroscopy ends up being the solution!!

  2. Add me to the cheerleader roster! Sending you MANY good vibes for your upcoming procedure!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I wish you the best of luck with your procedure and future cycles!

  4. Hi1 thank you for visiting me1 I'm glad you are somewhere now where you feel comfortable with your care. Also I read the newer post about your niece and I totally understood it. My sister got pregnant right as I was being told I needed to take my tubes out. :( You did well in working through all of those emotions and finding a peace and a happiness for her. It took me a little longer. probably a couple of months in fact. so I am inspired by you.