Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy ICLW!!!

I'm excited it's ICLW!  I'm again a little late.  Not AF late, but posting late. We're two days into ICLW, and I'm just now writing. We've had so much happen in the past few weeks, that I haven't found the time to write.

Welcome to my blog!  Mucho gusto :)

Here's a little bit about our current TTC roller-coaster.

We're 20-month experts on the thing called 'baby dancing'... Ha... We met a fabulous RE in January, and he has done a series of test - including blood work and a saline infused sonography. On my saline infused sonography he saw something that he found alarming. Dr. B suspected Asherman's Syndrome (scar tissue) in my uterus.  He sent me to a specialist to get a Hysteroscopy a few weeks ago. (It actually wasn't too bad. At least not as painful as the HSG).  At the Hysteroscopy, the doc took a few pictures and within a few minutes she revealed that there was no scar tissue to be found! What?!?! Ghost scar tissue? I have no idea how it just disappeared.  Maybe the wheatgrass? Maybe the prayers? Probably both. I don't know.

DH and I were glad to find out that all is well with my uterus. Now we're back to square 'uno' and trying to figure out square 'dos'.  It's like the game of Twister.  Our bodies have to undergo so much testing and most time requires a little maneuvering.  We have to maneuver every.single.part of our life to try to find a baby at the end of this frustrating game.  Will it be next cycle?

DH's 3rd semen analysis came back okay.  Again, not fantastic, but average. Count was great, motility could be better. We're thinking about doing an unmedicated IUI sometime in the next few months.  If that doesn't work, square 'tres' will be a medicated IUI.  If that doesn't work, well, we'll see...

We timed BD this month.  Everything looked great - weather (cm), and everything else ;).  I'm currently 10 dpo.  I still haven't tested.  On 5 and 6 dpo I felt some cramping and twinges.  I almost had a little party, but then checked myself back to reality.  I want to be hopeful, but I don't want to get my hopes up because it just hurts too much to be disappointed yet again.  I haven't had any other symptoms besides the ones on those two days.

Either way, we keep on chugging.  I'm giving my uterus a little pep talk right now - my new nickname for my 'u' is the 'little uterus that could.' After all the test and intrusive examinations, she's still chugging along working like she's supposed to... well, besides not being able to house a little embryo, but I'm not gonna hold it against her.  At least not this time.

We'll be there some day. Oh shucks, here I go being hopeful again. It's a roller-coaster.

Good luck to all of you!  I hope I have time to visit new blogs this week.  I really want to get to know more of you awesome ladies... and gents.


  1. The little uterus that could.. like that :-)
    And yes, a rolle coaster indeed. Hoping for you for this cycle!
    Here from ICLW.

  2. Hello from ICLW. It is a roller coaster, isn't it. It's great that the scar tissue is gone. I hope things work for your this cycle.

  3. Aw, the little uterus that could is a very sweet nickname. I hope all the tests, exams, ups and downs will soon result in two lines.
    I look forward to following your journey!
    Happy ICLW #34

  4. Wishing you the best of luck and looking forward to following your Journey!

    ICLW #23

  5. Hello from ICLW. I hope to see you get a BFP quickly! When will you be testing? Good luck!

  6. hoping the best for your cycle!! i will be following along, i like your blog!

  7. Returning your visit from ICLW.

    I also had a situation where I was told one thing and then later tests showed something different. It reminded me that doctors are fallible and there is nothing wrong with a second opinion!

  8. I like your nickname for your uterus...too funny. :) ICLW

  9. hi - stopping by from ICLW

    hey? we're almost cycle buddies :)
    I am 12 dpo!
    testing tomorrow
    hoping I am pregnant - wishing you the same!

  10. @Ericka, I'm going to wait until AF is due. If she doesn't arrive by Monday, I'll test then.... Thanks for the comment!

  11. Hello from ILCW - I'm new to infertility and I look forward to following your story. This journey is definitely a roller coaster. I don't like them in the theme parks and I don't like them here...I hope that your dog's health improves and that you find peace in your decisions!