Monday, November 21, 2011

#27 in November wasn't great either...

In mid-November we started treatments for our 2nd IUI. We had 3 follicles: two were 14mm, and one was about 11mm (not great), but the RE expected them to grow a little more before the IUI two days after the scan.

The IUI was once again uneventful, quick and easy.  However, I felt different than the first time. During my 2WW I didn't feel anything - no twinges, no queasiness... nothing at all.  After my first IUI, I had lots of symptoms, so I wasn't feeling optimistic this time, but still had a *twinge* of hope.

I decided to POAS on 10dpiui. It was a BFN.

Then AF arrived two days later. I cried just a little and then moved on...

Now we're headed to our 3rd IUI. Our last one for the year.

Fingers and toes are crossed and prayers are lifted up that maybe our Christmas will be greeted with news of a baby, but I'm being cautious with my emotions this time. IF is cruel and suddenly I've noticed that sometimes I stop myself from dreaming...

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