Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day-3 Transfer

On Friday, CD16, I went in with a full bladder for our transfer.  

It was probably the best part of IVF that I've experienced so far. 

Our clinic had 8 transfers scheduled for that day, and we were the very first ones. I was asked to change into a hospital gown, hair net, and socks.  DH was given scrubs and asked to put them over his clothes, along with a hair net, and shoe covers.  We went back to the OR, where I had my retrieval - it's a pretty creepy place if you ask me - and I was instructed by a nurse on how to position myself. 

Our two little embies were displayed on a big monitor with my name and birthdate. Amazing little things! Then, the doc put in the catheter, tested it out on the ultrasound, and then another embryologist brought our embryos and shot them into the catheter.  

The coolest thing happened next - we saw a bright little star shine across the screen! Like a shooting star in the sky.  DH was holding my hand the whole time - he was smiling ear-to-ear after he saw our shooting star.  It was the first time in this IF rollercoaster that I saw his emotions take true hold of him.  I wish we could have watched our embies some more, but before I knew it, we were being rushed out of the OR. I guess other couples were waiting to see their shooting stars too... We were then handed a picture of our embryos.  

Introducing, Embryo Cuatro and Embryo Siete :)

On the left - 4 cell, 3 grade embryo... On the right - 7 cell, 3 grade embryo... I fell in love!

Apparently there are different ways of grading embryos - our clinic grades 1-4, with 4 being the highest, so these two were the highest grade I had.  The 11 others were not the best, and our doctor gave us the option to wait and see how they grow up until Day 5 before being able to tell if they would make it to freeze.

Right now, I'm praying that our two embies are settling well into my uterus. That they'll implant and turn into a beautiful combination of us. I can't stop looking at this picture - I'm in awe that we at least get to see what our DNA looks like combined :)

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