Sunday, March 4, 2012

2ww - 9dp3dt

I feel back to normal.  The night after my retrieval I woke up in great pain.  I had massive cramps and almost fainted and came close to vomiting in the bathroom.  DH came to my rescue wondering if he should fill my prescription of Vicodin for my pain.

I decided to drink more water and take more Tylenol.  I got back in bed, and after some shivering, I was somehow able to fall back asleep.  In the morning, I felt like my insides were on fire, and every time I moved, my abdomen hurt like hell.

I came very close to calling in to work, but I had several important meetings scheduled, so I decided to try to brave it. In the end, I was able to make it all day without calling it quits.  However, when I got home, I crashed pretty early.

The next day, I felt like I was back to myself.  I've been weighing myself daily and drinking lots of water to prevent OHSS.  Everything seems to be okay.

The 2ww hasn't been too bad this time around. Perhaps because I've been really busy with work. I'm anxious and nervous about Tuesday (Mar. 6) - the day of my beta.  2 more days!!! I've wondered if I should do a HPT before finding out the results, but I'm scared.

I've thought about it and have decided to POAS in the morning before my beta, but not look at the test.  Head to work after going to the clinic, come home, look at the HPT, and then listen to my voicemail with the news of either 'negative' or 'positive.'  I don't want to find out from the nurse first, but I want to have both bases covered. DH thinks I'm insane (IF has kinda made me that way), but I think this way will be better for me emotionally.  I've seen and heard too many negatives; I'm just trying to play it safe.  I don't want to find out at work, because either way (- or +), it will be hard for me to concentrate.  Waiting until after work, gives me enough time to process everything and talk it out with DH.

So that's the plan!

Hoping and praying our embies are still in there growing.


  1. He is right you know, you are mad! I would never be able to poas and not stare at it for the next 10mins+ trying to laser a second line there with my eyes. I don't even breathe til the 10mins is up. And I called you Mad!! Ha ha!

    All sounds like its going well and you are doing great for a 2WW! Best of luck Tues, can't wait to check in!

  2. haha.. I know I am! At least were able to admit that we're mad, right? :) Thanks for the comment and the encouragement. I'm really nervous about tomorrow, but I know nothing is in my control at this point.