Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cycle Day 21

Today is CD21 and I was scheduled for a blood draw to determine if my lining looks good enough for the FET on Tuesday.

I received my results this afternoon, and looks like we are good to go!!! I'm very excited. My progesterone was 0.3 and my lining was 11.7. The nurse said that they like to see above a 7 for the lining, so this was good to hear. 

I have my plane tickets all ready, but I was waiting for the blood work to come back before I booked my hotel accommodations, so I'll be busy doing that tonight. I'll head up to Boston (2,000 miles from home) this weekend and will return with my only snow embie. Even if it doesn't stick at least I know it will be with me...<---- that's me trying to stay positive.

Other notes -
I've been on Estrace and the Vivelle dot (patch) since CD2. Added Crinone suppositories (progesterone) today. 

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